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The tourist pension "La gura cuptorului" is located near the "Prutul de Jos" Reserve in a unique location, where tradition beautifully intertwines with the present, and customs are cherished, leaving behind the green hills, while in front, the Prut river flows in all its splendor. In the pension courtyard, there is the country's only museum of its kind - the "Museum of bread, traditions and customs". Here, 12 types of wedding breads are presented, as well as 8 types of bread associated with other rituals, such as Christmas, the end of lent, or Great Sunday. The breads, in turn, have various names, such as plocon, pupăză de mireasă, colac de mire, colac pentru socru, pupăză de soacră, colac pentru preot la cununie. The museum is located in an exhibition hall with 40 seats, where guests are served with lemon balm tea, mint tea, honey, sweet bread, baked pigeons, sarmale in pickled cabbage leaves, lamb stew, and many other delicacies. In addition to learning the history of ritual bread, guests have the opportunity to participate in the enactment of the "jucatul pupezei de soacră mare," a theatrical fragment from the traditional wedding.

2 rooms
2 rooms

The complex has accommodations for 11 people

2 bathrooms
2 bathrooms

The comfort of every tourist is our priority

2 living rooms
2 living rooms

The complex has spaces where you can relax

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What are our customers saying?

  • Nata Macovei

    An escape of the soul "La gura cuptorului" in the last summer weekend... at the end of September. A stay, really, like at home! With tasty traditional dishes, out of the mamaliga with steak standards. Thank you for your hospitality, Mrs. Vera! And for valuable tourist recommendations for those who set out on the road without any specific purpose

  • Violeta Gavriliuc

    At Văleni I had a unique, unforgettable experience. Fantastic places and extraordinary people. Thank you, Mrs. Vera, for everything: for hosting and welcoming, for goodwill, for the immense love you have for this corner of heaven, for inspiring and transmitting so much optimism. The Văleni "La gura cuptorului" guesthouse is the place where we felt at home.

  • Ion Reciulschi

    I was very satisfied with the host Mrs. Vera. A very hospitable person and a housewife in every way. We spent 2 days at the guesthouse, where we were warmly accommodated, served with meals like at home - dinner and breakfast, including information on the history of the village, the guesthouse and the picturesque places of the village of Văleni. Affordable prices with traditional baked dishes that I recommend.

  • Olesea Neghina

    Wonderful location! With a warm and hospitable host who not only welcomes you but also feeds you like at home (with traditional delights) and suggests destinations with unforgettable views!!! Thank you so much, Mrs. Vera! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to experience what it's like to feel at HOME in Moldova!!!

  • Tatiana Reciulschi

    I was very pleased with the hospitality of Mrs. Vera. She is a very welcoming and caring host. We spent 2 days at her guesthouse where we were warmly accommodated, treated with home-cooked meals for both dinner and breakfast. She also provided us with information about the history of the village, the guesthouse, and the picturesque places around Văleni. The prices are reasonable, and I highly recommend trying the traditional oven-baked dishes.

  • Rodica Cheptene

    The location is wonderful! The host is extraordinary, Mrs. Vera - exceptional, warmly welcomed us, organized everything at the highest level, and planned our entire sightseeing itinerary. Dinner - a true holiday feast, as well as a very tasty breakfast, everything!!! The yard is full of flowers, the rooms are comfortable and clean. We highly recommend it! We will be back soon.

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